Jamaican Curry Chicken is The Ultimate in Jamaican Cuisine

Read this to understand how to Jamaican curry chicken and why it is one of the best dishes of Jamaican cuisine. I won’t go through the exact directions because I won’t take credit from Jamaican Delicacies. But what I would add is one of the secret ingredients to the curry. And that is, wait for it, coconut milk!

Have you ever tried Indian or Malaysian curry as a side to any other sides?

My favor so far has been naan, potatoes, and the old favorite rice. All pair, favorably well with all the types of curry mentioned. As much as I do love Jamaican curry the best curry I’ve had is definitely Indian tikka masala curry.

The first time I have even had curry was as a quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant which I attended with my GF at the time. There was quite a wait but after that steaming rice and curry and naan appeared on my table the wait was forgotten! The smell alone was simply amazing! The taste of the curry chicken and Nann and rice was simply breathtaking. What is funny is we used to pass by this Indian place because we thought it smelled very weird for an entire year. Goes to show that you really don’t know until you try it.

There are other Jamaican recipes as well I will post a few below which ironically also include coconut milk as an addition.

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