Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix By JK Rowling PDF

harry potter and the order of the phoenix pdfEven though the Order of the Phoenix written By JK Rowling was or is rather a great movie, it is completely surpassed by the novel. Walking into the movie I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I guess leaving the mind up to interpret the words on a page allows up to create our own mental image of what we want to see and not always necessarily what the writer is trying to portray. Meaning the image painted in our heads would be similar to what others perceive but it would be mixed with our own sauces and seasoning to create something suitable for our own personalities. I don’t know if it is because the book was so long but the movie felt a movie like a collage of unrelated scenes. The only thing that made sense was the ending scenes but how they got there is a blur. The actors as with the other Harry Potter series all did a splendid job, it’s just I believe all the movies should be much longer. Like ridiculously longer…..surpassing the 4-hour mark cough.

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