Rolling Egg Dispenser

egg dispenser

Have you ever successfully brought your eggs home placed them safely into the fridge. Only to in one of the next few days following your purchase to go grab those eggs out the fridge. And you dropped it! Splattering all of those fragile eggs on the floor and most importantly creating a massive mess that you now have to clean. Just imagine if you had a person egg dispenser won’t that be splendid. Most unfortunate. Well no more!

Now after packing an egg dispenser, you don’t need to touch or move the egg holder ever again. Just load it up once and you are ready to go! The eggs automatically roll to the front each time you remove one. This works for boiled cooked eggs and uncooked eggs.

Jamaican Curry Chicken is The Ultimate in Jamaican Cuisine

Read this to understand how to Jamaican curry chicken and why it is one of the best dishes of Jamaican cuisine. I won’t go through the exact directions because I won’t take credit from Jamaican Delicacies. But what I would add is one of the secret ingredients to the curry. And that is, wait for it, coconut milk!

Have you ever tried Indian or Malaysian curry as a side to any other sides?

My favor so far has been naan, potatoes, and the old favorite rice. All pair, favorably well with all the types of curry mentioned. As much as I do love Jamaican curry the best curry I’ve had is definitely Indian tikka masala curry.

The first time I have even had curry was as a quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant which I attended with my GF at the time. There was quite a wait but after that steaming rice and curry and naan appeared on my table the wait was forgotten! The smell alone was simply amazing! The taste of the curry chicken and Nann and rice was simply breathtaking. What is funny is we used to pass by this Indian place because we thought it smelled very weird for an entire year. Goes to show that you really don’t know until you try it.

There are other Jamaican recipes as well I will post a few below which ironically also include coconut milk as an addition.

As promised for other recipes such as Jamaican Festival and Okra Punch see below

Jamaican Festival

Okra Punch

The Best Game (Two Truth and One Lie)

Do you remember the game that popular youtube play, Two Truths and a Lie? Traditionally Two Truths one Lie is played with two people and you both have to be in the same room. But using the app you can play with friends online, there is no longer any need for you to be in the same room. Also, if you just feel like playing truth and lies with someone you can use their present questions and they can see your score later when they log in or get a notification. Currently, the Two Truths and a Lie application are only available on android. But the website works the same as the app so just bookmark it on your iOS device and login to play with your friends.

How to play

  • Download the app or go to the website.
  • Login to the site.
  • Decide if you want to play with friends or answer preset questions (Random Truths and Lie).

Play Truth and Lies with friends

  • Login and go to your Account page.
  • Add friend by creating a party with their username.
  • After the party is created join the party and have your friend do the same.
  • Choose your first question or use a random question from your account profile
  • Your friend will see your question and answer and the app will show you their response
  • Rinse and repeat.


Facebook Truths and Lie Page

Reading Sanctuary a cool new book site

Hi guys again this one is for all you bookies out there. I am a huge fan of movies and I also like to read books. But as of recent there has been an increase in the cross over of the two which I must say I am very pleased with. And I get all my info in books to catch up on before the movie premiers from reading Sanctuary. They write a summary of the book and then a link to the epub from Amazon. Plus the trailer to the upcoming movie. So you have the book summary and the trailer to decide if maybe this movie or book would interest you.

They Have Popular books such as:

Fault in our Stars read the post here

Fifty Shades of grey Clicking here

Divergent(includes Insurgent and Allegiant) link

Paper Towns book

Maze Runner

and much much more check them out sometime. Check out the Homepage



Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix By JK Rowling PDF

harry potter and the order of the phoenix pdfEven though the Order of the Phoenix written By JK Rowling was or is rather a great movie, it is completely surpassed by the novel. Walking into the movie I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I guess leaving the mind up to interpret the words on a page allows up to create our own mental image of what we want to see and not always necessarily what the writer is trying to portray. Meaning the image painted in our heads would be similar to what others perceive but it would be mixed with our own sauces and seasoning to create something suitable for our own personalities. I don’t know if it is because the book was so long but the movie felt a movie like a collage of unrelated scenes. The only thing that made sense was the ending scenes but how they got there is a blur. The actors as with the other Harry Potter series all did a splendid job, it’s just I believe all the movies should be much longer. Like ridiculously longer…..surpassing the 4-hour mark cough.